Redheads are wild and crazy, brunettes are smart, and blondes are spontaneous, but what about purple-, pink-, blue-, and green-heads?  If you haven’t tried coloring your hair, now is this time because the trend for funky hair colors is in!

Coloring hair wasn’t considered sane just a few years back. “Destroying natural hair texture” is what was said to the people who used to color their hair. But now, with the harmless products and multiple hair extensions, coloring hair is no more a big deal. Though hair color fades away quite quickly and a booking in the salon is required soon enough, the color is sure worth all these troubles. Blue, pink, green or red, colors make a difference.

It’s no secret that pastel-toned hair is totally having the moment right now. Be it celebrities or street style bloggers, they have pushed “normal” hair color shades aside to make room for hair colors that have us going crazy over them. So if you love crazy hairstyles, try these extravagant hair colors and hue shades and show your creativity.

Purple-Aqua Ombre

With the right attitude and color streak, you can totally be a knock out with this hair color. Who doesn’t like a pastel hair look?

Black- Lavender Hair

With this color, you don’t need an accessory. You’re good to go with this bright yet cool color this season!

Turquoise aqua color

The turquoise color is associated with refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated and a beautiful you. So recreate your look with this amazing color.

Bubblegum Baby Pink

Light pink hair looks good because it stands out and it is a total showstopper. With slight waves, you can rock this hair color!

Cotton Candy

Pink is a delicate color that means playful, and tenderness, sweetness. This is so soft and soothing to the eyes and looks so beautiful!

Do try these colors and tag us in your pictures with the hashtag #Glamlocks


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